A Crying Out for a Better World

Cinema whether it be in movies or television are often characterized as windows to our collective consciousness.  Many (i.e. the Matrix series) are prime examples of work that looks at our current ‘situation’ as a society.   A trilogy, His Dark Materials  is another of those. The sample below is from an HBO adaptation of the trilogy (in my humble opinion a very good one) where the father of the series  heroine (Lyra Belacqua) (Asriel Belacqua, her father)  has come seeking help from forces in a  different dimension.  I believe our collective souls have reach such a point – not so much in a call for war(as he calls for towards the end of the soliloquy and it seems that our drama requires this most often), but in a true desire to join together for pushing past prejudice towards the collective freedom of knowledge,  so that  the “scars of history may be healed”   If you can I would recommend this series.

Neo in the Matrix series makes a similar statement when talking to the Matrix  –
A Conversation with EGO(the Matrix) with love from Neo


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