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Kent Bond 28 by Kent Bond

“My Zen teaching has deepened to encourage people to really plunge into the world, into life. I want them to enter life, to embody their practice, tend it with their hearts.

To attend to life, to this body, is to love it and bless it. Particularly we need to find a way to bless our wounds and the darkness we find ourselves in. It takes patience to bless our wounded-ness, because we haven’t been taught a respect for it.

But if you do bless your body, you notice that you find what is right for you. You have the kind of pains that are right for you, as well as the kind of joys that are yours, the experiences that you have honestly earned.

When we listen to our bodies, our bodily wisdom grows.
We can feel the body’s urge to move and honor its cycles of rest, we can meditate and dance, we can respect its need for solitude, we can allow its lively senses, and we can know its pleasures and limitations. Instead of fearing our body, its losses and strange vulnerability, we honor it.

When the mandala of awakening includes rather than excludes the body, our gifts can flower and our heart remains free.
— by Jack Kornfield—

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body awareness –
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