Doubt Truth,Truth Doubt…..

doubt and truth

Image by Kerri Augenstein

“This is the shock of the 63rd Siddhi – that doubt is Truth. This is a deep let down for your
questing spirit. It is the ultimate state of failure and dejection. If logic is allowed free reign,
it will always cancel out logic and conquer itself. In this sense all yoga can only ever lead to
tantra. This does not in any way negate the value of the spirit of inquiry that propels the seeker
of Truth. All male paths must eventually lead to the ocean of the feminine. The more logic is
followed, the more mysterious and poetic it seems to become – until it reaches the impasse that logic cannot move beyond. Logic and its human counterpart doubt are designed to self-destruct, taking you the observer with them. When doubt is trusted at such a profound level,the doubter disappears into the doubt, leaving Truth. However, there is no sequential process to this – Truth is there all along within the doubt. It is simply waiting to be realised, like a pearl within an oyster. It needn’t be prised out, but simply recognised. If you follow a sequential and linear path that ends in this recognition or enlightenment, the path itself has no bearing on the enlightenment, even though it appears to.”
—Richard Rudd- The Gene Keys


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