Harmlessness 101

Second Sharing: Albuquerque 1985

Question… “If it is true this is a planet of polarity and if it is true that there are other states of consciousness that allow for a greater understanding of Being, what DSCN1446then is required to move into that new consciousness??

“….The reason you are not instantly enlightened is because your vibrational frequency contains energy fields that are incompatible with with each other. Simply stated you want the new you but don’t want to let go of  the old  so you have to hear the concept again and again before you allow it to permeate your auric field.  You are permeable beings and you can become more permeable at any moment because it is a matter of choice.   So if you would like to receive gift from yourself choose to become permeable now.

“As high a truth as I can bring to you this day is the understanding that, in order to move into another state of awareness, another expression of Being, you do not have to be  be in a state of total enlightenment.  You do not have to be an Avatar or think only loving, uplifting, wondrous thoughts or perform the actions of saints. But there is one thing that you absolutely  must contain, which is a state of 51% harmlessness.

Why harmlessness, why not love?  My friends, with all due respect for your capacities to love you’ve got a lot to learn. You are on your way to uncovering all the parts of your Being, so please realize the pale replica you call love on this earth plane has as its reality, incredible extensions of wonder and power, far past our own present ideas. Be grateful you are on your way. If you like what you are experiencing now, think what you will be experiencing when you truly are in the state of Love?

…….. the explosion of consciousness you are looking for comes when that one additional something is added to create critical mass.


Harmlessness is that one additional something.

So why 51 %? The extra 1 % is what boosts you into true harmlessness . On other planes of consciousness, when your mind creates an event it manifests instantly and therefore  you stand immediately responsible for what you createted. Because you would be able, at a thought, to destroy and then have to comeback and somehow ‘pay’ for that experience, some rules have been set and you have agreed to them . You have agreed not to be let into these instantly creative areas until you have learned not to  hurt yourselves or others.  It is of no help to play in those realms  where you would accumulate difficult ‘ karma’ for yourselves. What is helpful is to state the entrance requirements and remind yourself that you are absolutely capable of meeting them because you have  helped to create them.

How do you become harmless?

You begin by becoming harmless to yourself. Many of you have been trained to figure out what others want and then to satisfy their needs. But the day will come when you will awaken and realize that, because of the trade-offs, you don’t know what you want or who you are. And some of the  responses  that come with that realization are harmful to yourself  and others.  You cannot give  harmless recognition to anyone else until you recognize the harmlessness of your own Self, and you go about it by realizing that you truly have nothing to fear,  you do not have to defend and you do not have to attack.

  You will not need other people to see you as perfect, and you will allow yourself to say your own truth, be your own truth and live your own truth. 

You cannot feel secure in yourself until you know that you are not threatened by the choices of others. 


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