SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAInteresting that this writing from around the late 1800s echoes much of what we hear in the new age literature (i.e. “law of attraction” in the last paragraph.)   If the word God bothers you be sure to replace with synonym of your choice and instead of  He – use She.   The message works from whatever gender and or ‘higher power label’ works for you.

“The place you seek is seeking you. The place you need needs you.

Divine Principle brings needs and supply together for mutual good. He wisely, lovingly controls and governs, guides, protects, prospers and blesses this union of his idea (man) and this normal, joyous activity (work). It does not take time for you to build up your place or your work, for it is impossible for there to be an idea without its place, and the place is fully developed as is the idea that fills it.

The place must meet all needs of the idea if it is provided by Principle. All you need to do is to see to it that your consciousness is fully prepared, enlarged, uplifted, joyous, expectant of infinite good, so that no sense of limitation may hinder the full manifestation of God’s will for His idea, which is perfection, nothing less.

Who says I have finished my work here and must seek another place? God alone outlines and directs. You do not know whether it is right to stay here or go excepting as the steps are put before you day by day. Even if our desires are in line with progress, we must surrender all human will, or personal sense, or material planning before we can take the step aright. There is no human will, no personal sense, no material planning in Divine Mind: therefore, you have not the power or inclination to express such falsehoods.

All is patience, calm obedience, because God is All in All, and is everywhere. All is quiet loving, scientific harmony. God is right where you are. Stand still and lift up your vision. There is no human tyrant – no cruelty – no temper – greed – lust – injustice hinder, delay or limit to this God directed, God protected and God placed activity.

You cannot change environment. We can only change our sense of environment and we never do this in any way but through the elevation of our own thought through the above things. God is the only environment. We have to clear our vision, sweep away the rubbish of fear, impatience, and a false estimate of our fellow men and know that the one Mind shines through all and governs all.

You do not have to plan, to think how, or when, or where. That is God’s business. Your business is to clearly and always reflect, listen to, and obey, when the call comes. The Divine Will is clearly and always calling to us at all times and telling us of the will of the Father/Mother, but we are so bent on having our own way and doing things instead of knowing that they are already done, that we do not half the time hear what God ls saying. God’s will – will be intelligently expressed and will intelligently meet your need, by destroying your sense of fear. You really have no need for you are already complete in God. God is thinking and you reflect God’s thoughts. God is working and nothing else can; God is directing and no one can stay His hand or say unto Him “What doest thou?  God will tell you what to do about your work. He will unfold each step so don’t get worried, anxious or impatient. He has infinite good in store for you; just work to know that you are receptive to it.

… We need to know that Divine Mind builds up and unifies, holds together and prospers. The divine and perfect law of adjustment, operating through the ever-present law of attraction is bringing to you all that belongs to you.

Mrs. Eddy to Adam Dickey

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