Re-Branding God

“Philosopher Robert Anton Wilson proposed that the single greatest contribution to world peace would come from there being over six billion different religions โ€” a unique spiritual path for each person on the planet.

The Beauty and Truth Lab urges you to get started on doing your part to make this happen. What will your religion be called? What rituals will you perform ?
Write down your three core tenets.

You’ll also need a new name for the Creator. “God” and “Goddess”have been so overused and abused that most of us are numb to them.
And given the spiritual opportunities that will open up for you as you explore pronoia, you can’t afford to have an impaired sensitivity toward the Great Mystery.

Here’s an idea to stimulate your search: The Russian word for God is”Bog.” The Basques call the Supreme Being “Jingo.” To purge your psychic dockets of built-up fixations about deity, you might try singing improvisational prayers to “Jingo Bog.”

Here are a few other fresh names to inspire you:

Blooming HaHa
Divine Wow
Sublime Cackler
Chthonk Riddler

Since ancient times, China has hosted three religions: Confucianism,Buddhism, and Taoism. Many Chinese people have cobbled together a melange of beliefs gathered from alt three. This is different from the Western way, which is to be faithful to one religion or another, never mixing and matching.

But that’s changing in certain enclaves in North America, where growing numbers of seekers are adopting the Chinese approach. They borrow elements from a variety of spiritual traditions to create a personalized path. Religious historians call this syncretism.

As you meditate on conjuring up your own unique mode of worship, think of the good parts you’d like to steal from other religions.

Most religions designate a special class of people โ€” priests, rabbis, ayatollahs โ€” to oversee official communications with the Source. This has led to a prevailing assumption, even among those who don’t follow an established faith, that we can’t initiate a divine conversation without the aid of a professional class of trained mediators. Among some sects of the ancient gnostic, in contrast, everyone was regarded as a potential prophet who could experience epiphanies worthy of becoming part of the
ever-evolving doctrine.

The equivalent today would be if the Bible were regarded as an unfinished text to which every Christian or Jew might be eligible to add new content.

As you create your own spiritual path, experiment with this do-it-yourself approach. What might you do to eliminate the middleman and commune directly with the Source ?

Excerpt from Pronoia the antidote for Paranoia by Robert Brezny

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