What happened…On The Day Before You Came?

On the day before you came
You sat with  Universe and had tea—

“Is there anything you need of me this time ‘round ?”  you asked.

Universe smiled – and sipped the tea

“Perhaps-” you continued,
“You need a great leader to help the people break their chains of bondage”
Maybe a wise sage – or a healer!” I can do that!”

“Hmmm…” was all  Universe could reply.

“Or perhaps you need a great villain to expose their dark sides, you know shake ‘em up a bit! Open their eyes and…”

“I see” was  Universe’ reply—

“And what do you ‘need’ this next time ‘round?” asked  Universe

You took a long sip, adjusted yourself on your star and stared into the comfort of the infinite.

You then took out a note pad and reviewed its’ contents.

“You know, I’ve actually done all those things, I don’t really need to experience them again”

“But how about this” you continued. “A relationship with that part of me that I met some time ago, but never really completed. You know – no closure, didn’t quite get it. As I recall now we agreed to let it go and said we’d take a fresh look at it –later.” “Yes.” I’d like to experience more of – Me!”

“Whattya think?”

Universe put down the cup of tea, reached out and held you close. A nebula tickled your nose and a tremor reverberated around you that could only be translated as a chuckle.

So… you and  Universe conspired together, over tea.

Looking through your past lifetimes, over lessons learned and forgotten. Loves won, lost or otherwise. Places and times were all reviewed in the blink of a star.

And when it was done you and the universe held up your plan and exclaimed together,


The details were uncountable. A veritable roller-coaster ride sprinkled with mothers and fathers and children, teachers and students. Experiences of pain and pleasure, depression and triumph. And all these aspects took on the forms of relationships. Sometimes fleeting, sometimes lasting. But as you had planned they all had something to show you – about you.

You turned to  Universe once more just as you were getting ready to leave.

“You know this is the most difficult part, I am going to forget” you said, “and I am going to miss you oh so much”

‘’I know at first it will seem a little difficult replied  Universe. “
At times it gets so heavy down there. But everyday, every moment, you will have little hints that your plan is working just as it’s suppose to.   Just do your best to remain open enough to receive them.”

One more hug and you noticed how that feeling of warmth, and security clung to you like a favorite blanket.

And as you were hanging around being kept warm and buoyant getting all-anxious and a little psyched up about the whole process, you realized you really weren’t going to miss your friend at all and that you were going into this experience together, hand-in-universe, experience and experience-er, one-and-the-same.

All on the day before you came.

— Paul Reynolds

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