The Topic is Money

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“Money is so intricately interwoven with every other aspect of our lives that when we take a stand to make a difference with our life, it has an organizing effect on our relationship with money, and when we take a stand to make a difference with our money, it has an organizing effect on every other part of our life.”

“The silent power of the money culture is the same for any of us. It is one of the most blind and intractable parts of our lives. We compromise ourselves, hurt ourselves, sometimes without pause, other times putting reservations aside, rationalizing our behavior as acceptable, even sensible.”

“When we take a stand that expresses our soul’s commitment,it is empowered with the courage of the heart.”

In present-day America, consumerism dominates our culture. The bottom line seems to be the main concern, and intrinsic worth is too often measured by financial metrics. To resist that trend—to stand for something different, other ways of valuing anything—takes courage. But taking that stand opens new ways of seeing and understanding our world and brings us a new power.

At the same time, it’s easy to see the contradictions and hypocrisy. For example, we can watch the news and pass judgment; but it’s much more difficult to see our own money behavior objectively.

Lynne Twist — The Soul of Money



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