Too in Love to Chat

His hands can shape through ours.
And our sounds can somehow echo
what God has never
for the Divine is really speechless,
it is too in love to

the Holy wind ruffled our hair and caused
a lot of commotion:

We think God made some rules
but how can that be true when our souls
are really the
of all.

His mind can shape through ours.
Our bodies-and the earth-are as clay.  Is
that not so, my dear.

I have a lovely habit:
at night in my prayers I touch everyone
I have seen that

I shape my heart like theirs
and theirs like
— St. Teresa of Avila

Posted by | Paul Reynolds
Paul has been a yoga teacher on the Island of Kauai for many years and is the facilitator of the weekly Living the Question Blog - a repository of wisdom and inspiration. Paul also produces and hosts Le Guru is You Radio Show, showcasing everyday gurus.

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