What am I transmitting

“I have to learn to calculate the force of my choices based on their energetic value.

I cannot learn energy consciousness and not apply it to the force of my attitudes. I can’t learn the law of cause and effect … (just) so I can draw to myself what I want – I have to also think, ‘what am I transmitting?’ What am I transmitting in the law of cause and effect? What am I transmitting? I cannot be spiritually greedy, and use it as a form of spiritual capitalism.

I have to also think, my god, what am I transmitting? What am I doing and influencing in the field of energy? I have to live by this, otherwise all I am is a psychic mechanic. I am no different than a psychic mechanic who is learning to use their tools but I have no theology. I have no sense of God. I should be on my knees. Where is my theology? – I have zero.

All I want is the stuff the energy system can give me. Which is, for the most part, my experience with people. That’s as far as they’ve gone: the wallet. They have not taken it to the soul.

“We are beginning slowly – slowly tiny tiny slowly – to grapple with a much higher perception that what I do actually does influence the whole. Now that … is a mystical truth.

What you do to one you do to all.

You didn’t get it. You didn’t get it.
Now we have to get it or we’ll die.

Now we have to incarnate this truth in every single decision.”

~ Caroline Myss
Thank you to Natalie Sudman  for this find

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