When weeds arise….

For those of you that have followed the Living the Question blog you will have undoubtedly noticed the two little “plugs”  at the end of each week’s collected readings.  I refer here to the “FLFE” link.   I believe in the integrity of this company and have experienced the benefits of this particular technology.   In this particular time in our evolution their movement and technology to help us shift/raise our conscious levels without dogmatic filters is something I highly support. 

I have characterized Focused Life Force Energy as a way to help  “tend your energetic garden” and a useful additiona to any other “tools” you may be employing  to navigate this 3rd dimensional density.

And as with any garden, there are the weeds.   You cannot have a healthy garden without them and in our age of multi media there are many areas they can “spring up”.
So recently nay-sayers have risen up to disclaim the FLFE technolgy.

The following is an answer to them and contained within is a  some simple checklist to help indicate if something is indeed “true” for you, in any aspect of  your life.  A little lengthy but well worth the read.

Blessings All
FLFE Company Statement

FLFE Innovations Corp Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

A general statement about FLFE, about critics of FLFE and about attacks on FLFE and its founders.

We believe, as the credible research of others in the consciousness field indicates, and our own research tells us, that we are in a time of extraordinary growth in consciousness on the planet. FLFE is one of the emerging new technologies that are supporting this rise in consciousness. We also believe, and it is our experience, that our subscribers are part of the growing global community that is experiencing this positive change and contributing to it individually.
The FLFE service creates a high-consciousness field which supports the experience of an energetic sanctuary, similar in many ways to classic historically verified pilgrimage sites. The high-consciousness field is positive, high-vibrating and at a minimum of 560 level of consciousness (LOC) on the Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. The FLFE technology activates an energy within the environment that has always been there. It does not send microwave energy or any kind of EMFs energy to a property.
Social media in general, and areas like the comments section on YouTube, have become places where unidentified people can make unsubstantiated and untrue statements with no consequences to themselves. We use our real names, we have a phone number you can call and real people will answer your questions and concerns. We have an office you can visit if that is important to you. We invite a reasonable discussion with reasonable people. We have webinars where people can ask questions directly. Further to this, if someone has an extraordinary concern or circumstance, we have made time for a personal conversation.
We invite you to consider the following when looking at negative attacks on anyone and anything, including FLFE.

1. Where is the proof? Are the comments substantiated with details and ways to verify the truth?
2. Consider the source. Who is speaking and are they credible? What type of language are they using? Do they demonstrate an understanding of what they are criticizing?
3. Trust yourself. Trust yourself and your experience, first and foremost. We can all be powerful discerners of the truth.

History of FLFE, Regina Meredith and Gaia
Clayten and Jeffrey were interviewed by Regina Meredith in September of 2016 in a segment for her Gaia TV show, Open Minds. The segment aired in May of 2017. Clayten and Regina have known each other since the mid-1990s.
Clayten shared the FLFE service with Regina as she is a journalist exploring the truth in many areas, including consciousness and emerging technologies. Regina spent time researching FLFE, including speaking with us to get all of her questions answered, deciding how to test the service and thoroughly testing it before deciding to interview us solely based upon the merits of the service. FLFE did not pay Regina or in any other way influence her to interview FLFE on Gaia.
The interview was on the Gaia site in Regina’s Open Minds show for several weeks before it was pulled out of the sequence. After that time, you couldn’t find the interview unless you specifically looked for it. As many of our customers responded positively, an individual began harassing any positive comments from posters and made many wildly untrue accusations about FLFE and Regina, attacking both of us relentlessly. We responded on the Gaia forum and we complained directly to Gaia. Sometime after that, the interview was removed from the site altogether.
FLFE and Gaia, Inc are not connected in any way other than the Regina Meredith interview of the FLFE founders Jeffrey and Clayten. FLFE’s technology and records are secure with multiple safeguards and testing.
Regina Meredith became a Referral Partner for FLFE because of benefits to health, well-being and support for personal evolution, which are often experienced and recognized when spending time in a FLFE environment. She did so more than a year after the interview with FLFE was recorded and FLFE became a Conscious Partner for her when she launched her own content website https://reginameredith.com/.
The “History of FLFE, Regina Meredith and Gaia” statements above have been approved by Regina Meredith on July 24, 2018.
We are curious why these negative attacks on FLFE and Regina are occurring. Regina is committed to researching and disclosing truths that support humanity to be free and to rise in consciousness.

Safety and Security of FLFE
As of July 2018, approximately 99% of all of the properties on the FLFE service are at 560 LOC or higher, 98% of the time or more. The other 1% that are lower than 560 LOC, are due to pre-existing shock and trauma on the land, consciousness-lowering geopathic stress or pre-existing EMF influences that we are correcting one property at a time with additional programming on the FLFE wave. If there was negative energy associated with the FLFE service, (the FLFE service being taken over, co-opted in some way, directing attacks or any other of the erroneous claims) the level of consciousness of the properties could not be this high. The average level of consciousness of properties in North America is 420 at the time of this writing. Although we assume that having a property go up 140 points LOC (on average) on the FLFE service indicates that no negative energy could be associated with the wave was self-evident, we want to re-state it here as a fact. All of the offerings of FLFE, such as the Home, Business, Non-Profit, PIF, FLFE EVERYWHERE (mobile phone and personal object) and service projects, raise the consciousness of the area, the property or around the objects as claimed. All of the energies activated by FLFE are positive.
Furthermore, integrous consciousness researchers who understand the Map of Consciousness and who are sufficiently accurate in Advanced Kinesiology (which we believe is one of the premier research tools in the consciousness field) could verify this truth.
As we have said above, there are controls and testing to ensure that the FLFE environment remains at a high level of consciousness, 560 LOC on the Hawkins’ Map.  At that level of consciousness, no negative energy could be associated with the FLFE wave. The environment is in many ways similar to being in an elevating place of worship or classic historically verified pilgrimage site.
The FLFE technology is tightly controlled and stewarded by the founders of FLFE. The FLFE service was designed so that no physical device is needed at the location. This is just one example of how we safeguard the technology by not allowing it to be available to anyone but the founders. No other parties have any access, or can in any way alter, the effect of the technology.
The FLFE Free Trial and customer information is also tightly controlled. No outside parties have access to our database and could not be directing attacks on FLFE customers.
Please feel free to contact our office toll-free at 1-888-610-3533 (toll-free) or (250) 352-9909 (local) if you have further questions or concerns.

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