A Definition of Soul

To me, the soul is the functional interface between the unlimited and undifferentiated Spirit and the local time/space-bound personality. At the level of the localized personality, in my case, the one known as “Linda,” the soul serves as the reservoir of intent, as distinct from my limited belief-system programming which is the engine of the illusion of choice. (Another whole discussion is to be had on that topic — for another time.)

There is a vast and complex network that extends from the most rarified to the most dense realms of the soul’s habitation,  transducing higher-frequency energies “downward” into the manifest forms we recognize with our physical sensory apparatus. (All souls are joined in this vast network, and this also can be a topic for a future discussion.) Souls are multidimensional, existing not only in multiple dimensions, but also in diverse locales and timeframes. While the local personality has access to the soul’s full expanse, previous to our current age, few personalities have attained multi-dimensional awareness. I see this changing; hence the title, “Souls on the Move.”

The soul has a biological interface, seated in the physical heart, along with an extensive multidimensional, multi-dynamic, network of meridians, supporting the function of twelve bodies: physical, mental, emotional, etheric, astral, light, soul, qualdisay, qualayedoo, kwanshay, queenst, and jwalst. (I know the last five are unusual words. My teacher, being from beyond 3D Earth, uses universal terminology for things Earth humans have not named yet.)

There is no match in this world for the beauty and power of the human soul. The soul vibrates in the realms of knowing. These frequencies are characterized by peace, harmony, joy and universal tranquility. From these realms, the soul’s purpose, power, and intent are available to all who choose to reunite with their souls, enjoying the thrill, poise and peace of aligned and resonant action.

Souls have no need of beliefs. Beliefs, all beliefs, are inherently flawed, as they arose from a soil of uncertainty at best and terror at worst, in attempts to protect a misidentified self, an illusory self. Beliefs are the stuff of the personality and those who control and manipulate personalities. By our beliefs are we led. By our souls’ knowing do we walk free from manipulation, influence and control.

Souls, as I’ve said, deal in knowings. Souls also have no need of traditions of any sort. Souls are by their nature unique, sovereign and untamable.

For all these reasons, in my view, there is no work more important than the remembrance of one’s soul purpose, the restoration of oneness with one’s soul, and the commitment to fulfill one’s soul intentions. Without a deep, emotional bond to the soul, there will be difficulties.

In the lineage I hail from, astrology provides potent insight to the potentials and challenges the soul has elected to fulfill in the present lifetime. This is the work my soul has come to express and with this expression to serve brother-sister souls, those who intend to move in fulfillment of purpose: to be souls on the move.

— Linda S. Masterson.

Posted by | Paul Reynolds
Paul has been a yoga teacher on the Island of Kauai for many years and is the facilitator of the weekly Living the Question Blog - a repository of wisdom and inspiration. Paul also produces and hosts Le Guru is You Radio Show, showcasing everyday gurus.

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