Divine Chaos

particle physics“Irregularity and unpredictability are important features of health. On the other hand, decreased variability and accentuated periodicities are associated with disease.
Healthy systems don’t want homeostasis.
They want chaos.”
John R. Van Enwyk,
“The Chaotic Dynamics of Everyday Life,” Quest magazine

“One must have chaos within oneself if one is to be a dancing star. ”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“We are too sincere, too productive, and too realistic. We need to enter more fully and more willingly into that realm under the rocks and behind the mirror.” – Thomas Moore, “Neither Here Nor There,” Parabola, Spring 2000

“There is nothing stable in the world; uproar’s your only music.”
John Keats, Letters of John Keats

“Half of what you know today will be obsolete in five years. That prospect should fill you with excitement.”
Vimala Blavatsky

“The Truth is like the bear. Is it a gentle beast, a model for the stuffed animal children love? Or is it a vicious carnivore that will rip you to shreds if you turn your back on it? The answer is that it’s both.” -Robert Morning Sky ”

In teaching my students, I try to figure out what questions I can ask that have no right answer. I seek to frame paradoxes, to force students to develop original thought.”
Meg Gorman, Waldorf teacher

“We are the sum of our efforts to change who we are. Identity is no museum piece sitting stock-still in a display case, but rather the endlessly astonishing synthesis of the contradictions of everyday life.”
-Eduardo Galeano, Book of Embraces

“Authenticity depends entirely on being faithful to the essential ambiguity of experience.”
-John Berger

“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt
the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”
-George Bernard Shaw

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”
Thomas Jefferson

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.” –
Robin Williams

“There ain’t no answer. -There ain’t going to be any answer. There never has been an answer. That’s the answer.”
– Gertrude Stein

“Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.”
– George Santayana

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