Turn left a thousand feet from here…

What I really want to give you
I can’t,
Yet all day long
I try painting maps on the sky
With bright, tender sounds

that say,

“Turn left a thousand feet from here,
Just past that next hill.

Then make a sharp right
As soon as you see that big rock
That looks like an egg,
There you will find a decent tavern.”

I am like a wise friend.
If you come close to me

I will write down the address
Of the Woman who will ravish you most.

Hafiz never wants to offend,

So anything I ever say
You can always freely switch the gender,

Come close to me,
I will whisper in your ear

A secret about the One who
Has made us all



Posted by | Paul Reynolds
Paul has been a yoga teacher on the Island of Kauai for many years and is the facilitator of the weekly Living the Question Blog - a repository of wisdom and inspiration. Paul also produces and hosts Le Guru is You Radio Show, showcasing everyday gurus.

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